Gentlemans Barbers in Birmingham by Barberology | Best Barber Shop Birmingham UK
Barberology is known far and wide for giving one of the best quality haircuts and cut-throat shaves.
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About Barberology

About Us

Barberology is known far and wide for giving one of the best quality haircuts and cut-throat shaves. Our staff is well trained and handpicked for their expertise, when you walk into our barber shop you will realise we are out of the ordinary.

We are everything that a barber shop can possibly be and hence the name Barberology.?As one of the best Barbers in Birmingham we have a lot to offer, our world class services especially with the great competition from best salons all around the world, have set up high benchmarks that we work towards day and night.

Our exceptional barber services come at great prices and at an unmatchable high quality.?As your favourite in the town, that is right, your absolute favourite! Because we are a cut above the ordinary and are one of those local barber shops that offer the contemporary looks and cuts, together with all the old classics.?

We offer a series of high-end services in the world of hair dressing all with an infusion of cool eccentricity. We take great pride to be offering all of the top services that any UK barber would provide, all with the touch of that uniqueness.

Our History

We believe that your hair-do defines you much more than anything else does, your hair should always be trimmed to perfection to match with your looks. The difference that just the right kind of hair dressing can have on your personality at our humble Salon shop can work wonders.

We are masters of what we do, we love, we adore and we are the authorities, the unchallenged royalty on cutthroat shaves and perfect photo ready hair. You will realise once you walk in our salon, that we are real different, we are one-of-a-kind barber shop that not only offers you an amazing shape up, the perfect shave but also serve you an espresso, or maybe a beer or even a whisky, whatever your beverage of choice maybe… while you have your hair styled.

We are also just the place that you could just come and hang out, but not just that, you can also enjoy plenty of banter with friends. Be it for a trip to get the full works, or for just a hang out at a place where fashion and good looks take birth Barberology is your one stop complete barber and styling solution salon.?

We are not just another barber shop; we are a Barber shop in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter UK, which is a cut above the ordinary. And here is where you can find out more about us constantly, follow us and experience hairdressing like never before: