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Barber shop in Birmingham, UK barber, Barber Shop, Haircut Shop, Haircut with a Difference
Barber shop in Birmingham, UK barber, Barber Shop, Haircut Shop, Haircut with a Difference
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A Barber Shop Haircut with a Difference

Nearly all men prefer the regular barber shop haircut simply because they do not want to make lazy small talk or hear the constant conversation that happens in some women’s salons. If this sounds like you then you may be pleased to realize that there is a way around this.  There is a new kind of men’s only salons where sports is the major motif and while having a haircut men could possibly watch their favorite sporting feature.

These new style of salons offer not only the standard barber shop haircut but also the newest styles too. Men who use these particular salons have more than just a haircut as well which is what keeps them apart from any other salons. What exactly is a barber shop haircut with a difference?

A barber shop haircut with a difference will definitely provide you with the following,

  • You get a professional haircut from a much trained stylist.
  • You will watch whichever sporting event is being played when you are there.
  • You do not need to make an appointment. These kinds of salons offer walk in service.
  • You will not just get a haircut. You will get an energizing scalp massage, a sterilized steamed soft towel to enable you to    relax and have some down time, keep in conditioner along with a neck and shoulder massage.
  • Sports papers are obtainable for those who wish to read.
  • A selection of haircut services are available for you to select.


This is a barber shop haircut with a big difference and it is growing extremely popular among modern men. A lot of men are getting conscious about their look and the traditional barber shop haircut is not enough any longer. Men wish to be pampered too so this is what these salons are offering while still remaining very masculine and providing men the pleasure that they prefer.

Moreover, since most customers were men and boys, the barber shop was a spot that grew to become a preferred hangout for men and boys to go not just for a good haircut but to interact and discuss different issues. Normally, many customers would visit the barber shop early in the day and actually stay all day simply because they were having a great time. This was very helpful for barbers mainly because it allowed them to build not just a professional relationship with their customers but as well as a personal relationship.

Barbers strategies are a bit different. Barbers utilize many strategies to customize the haircut. Barber doesn’t depend on shield sizes to cut the hair they often use clipper over comb strategy to move on the hair. Barbers also learn the taper that allows a cleaner shape around the edge of the haircut as well as a more natural look along the neckline. Barbers will not embark on chemical services therefore they spend their enough time studying the cutting of the hair as well as the effective use of the straight razor.

A great haircut can improve self-esteem and make you look more attractive. A haircut done at your home because you have no time or wish to have it styled appropriately might be a disaster. Shaved and short haircuts are not the most stylish and if you wish to be portrayed as a fashionable and professional man you have to get a professional haircut. In case the idea of a salon filled with women and idle chit talk gives you chills, then you might like to consider these new men’s salons and find out exactly what a barber shop haircut with a difference is actually all about.

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