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The complete guide to mens fade haircuts

Ever wondered how Brad Pitt got his barnet so sleek for Fury? Or how Zayn Malik’s hairstyle looks smoother than the moves he puts on Gigi Hadid in the video for ‘Pillowtalk’? Well, word’s out: it’s called a fade.

Sometimes subtle, sometimes striking, a fade is essentially a next-level short back and sides. It’s a masterful cut that involves subtly blending hair lengths – with a clipper, scissors, or often both – to give the hair at the back and sides of the head a smoothly graduated or ‘faded’ effect.

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In Conversation with adam gore of barberology

Birmingham based Barbers Barberology take pride in offering the best quality service with a touch of uniqueness.They were awarded with Barber of the Year for 2016 and they strive to have the best expertise in the industry

With close competition from hair salons across the world they are without doubt the best barbers in Birmingham.

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The complete guide to mens buzz cuts

In a demanding world where a man’s expected to manscape as well as meet his mortgage repayments, smash his squat PB as well as salary ceilings, and be as good a listener as he is able to stand his own in a scrap, it’s sometimes best to keep things simple.

Start with your hair. Or more specifically, start by buzzing it all off. The buzz cut – a firm favourite of men from Brad Pitt to army recruits – is the ultimate in classically masculine, low-maintenance hairstyles.Cut short and usually uniform in length, buzzed hair doesn’t kink, curl or lie lank across your forehead.

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Barberology Birmingham wins barbershop of the year

Birmingham’s hugely popular Barberology, barbershop, known by many for its quality haircuts and cut-throat shaves, was awarded ‘Barbershop of the Year’ at the UK’s Premier Annual Barber Awards, which took place on Sunday 26th June at Barber Connect, Celtic Manor Resort.

Barber Connect is the biggest barbering convention in the UK and a Barber Award.

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